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Hydrogen Water Protects Against Gastric Injury

stomach with magnifier, great for healthy water
For various medical conditions, hydrogen has been reported to help to repair damage and act as a protection when consumed through hydrogen-rich drinking water. However, more information was needed as to how the dose of hydrogen water had an impact on its effectiveness.
One study that was conducted analysed how the does of hydrogen water affected gastric injury caused by aspirin. Male rats of a similar weight were randomly separated into 7 groups of 6-8 individuals, each group having water with a different pH and/or concentration of hydrogen. All but those in group G had gastric injury.
  • A: pH 9.5, 0.84 ppm H2
  • B: pH 9.5, 0.22 ppm H2
  • C: pH 8.5, 0.84 ppm H2
  • D: pH 8.5, 0.22 ppm H2
  • E: pH 8.5, 0.07 ppm H2
  • F: pH 6.8, 0 ppm H2 (facility tap water)
  • G: pH 6.8, 0 ppm H2 (facility tap water)
The rats had access to the water every night from 6pm to 9am over the course of two weeks. Water intake and body weight were recorded daily for each rat. At the end of the experiment, a sample of blood was taken from each individual and the extent of the gastric damage was measured. The blood was tested for markers of oxidative stress.
The results showed that the rats that were fed water from group A, which has the highest pH combined with the highest concentration of hydrogen, experienced the greatest level of inhibition of gastric damage. Also a higher pH or a higher hydrogen concentration alone had a very positive effect, as shown in groups B and C. The least amount of damage to the gastric mucosal layer was seen in groups A and C, which had the most hydrogen-rich water. Groups B, D and E, which had slightly hydrogen-enriched water sustained a medium amount of gastric mucosal layer damage. Rats in group F had the highest level of gastric injury, after having been treated with facility tap water, containing 0 ppm H2. Higher concentrations of hydrogen also resulted in lower concentration of oxidative stress markers in the blood; these were serum 8-hydroxy-2′-deoxguanosine (8-OHdG) and hexanoyl-lysine
In summary, this study has showed how hydrogen-rich water can help to prevent gastric damage from aspirin, especially when the water also has an elevated pH. It is logical to conclude that drinking hydrogen-rich water may help protect healthy individuals from gastric injury caused by oxidative stress.

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