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Hydrogen Water Accelerates Wound Healing

The purpose of this investigation was to determine whether drinking hydrogen-rich water can promote the healing of wounds by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.

Male rats with oral wounds were separated into two categories: those given distilled water and those supplied with hydrogen-rich water. After seven days the size of the wounds were measured to ascertain how the hydrogen level of the water the rats had been given affected healing. Levels of indicators of oxidative stress, pro-inflammatory cytokines and hormones that are needed in the wound closure process were also measured from blood samples of the rats. Nrf2 is a protein that regulates the expression of antioxidants.

After 3 days and 7 days, the rates of wound closure in the hydrogen-rich water rats were significantly greater than those of the rats given distilled water. Therefore hydrogen water was seen to accelerate the process of wound healing in this case. In the palatal tissue of the rats given hydrogen water, there was a drastically higher level of Nrf2 expression than the control group. This means that hydrogen water helped to promote antioxidant genes, reducing oxidative stress. After both 3 and 7 days, the serum levels of ROM (reactive oxygen metabolites), an oxidative stress biomarker, were markedly lower in the hydrogen-rich water rats than the other rats. Levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines were found to be much lower in the hydrogen-rich water group than in the control group. The same was also true of hormones that promote wound healing as levels of these were found to be greater in the palatal tissue of the rats given hydrogen-rich water.

This study has shown that administering hydrogen-rich water can help to accelerate the process of wound healing since it reduces oxidative stress and inflammation and increases the levels of hormones that promote healing.


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