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Echo® NHM-130 Hydrogen Infusion Machine

£2,394.00 £1,800.00

The Echo® NHM-130 is the most advanced countertop Hydrogen Infusion Machine

It is engineered with the most advanced technologies.

You would expect that because our NHM-130 is the newest and most advanced countertop machine on the market that it would be the most expensive. However, we price our product much better than our ‘competitors’. That means you get hundreds of dollars of savings and superior service. Most importantly…our machine does not leak internally to the other HIM machines.
Echo® 5 Year Warranty is the best in the industry. It covers parts, labor, and shipping. No fine print. No exclusions…just peace of mind.
Water Production: Neutral pH with max 1.3ppm of molecular hydrogen (H2) …no matter what source water is used
The Echo® NHM-130 produces 1 liter per minute
You will not find a better countertop HIM in terms of performance, reliability, quality, and support…period.